They tell about us.



Andronov V.V.

I want to thank from the bottom my heart the "PITEK" team for successful cooperation, a high-quality and timely approach to business and a professional sight on the solution of all the issues. We have done a lot of work in collaboration, and I can say with full confidence that I will advise this company to everyone who needs help and services in the IT field!


Melnikov V.V.

We really like your creative and at the same time rational approach to the provided task, the ability to listen and understand the customer. It's nice to see that the work is done with professional approach, both in design and marketing! Competence, prompt solution of the issues arising in the working process, responsibility and high sociability of the staff made entire collaboration with LLC PITEK pleasant and effective! Your successful operation increased our client base and raised the sales. We see the growth of our website, which improves the progress of our business! We wish PITEK LLC prosperity, many new ideas and further collaboration with our company!


Gorshkov V.E.

I never looked in the metrics, or in the progress reports, never opened the first page of Yandex with shaking hands to see if my competitors displayed our position! It is 2017 now... and our store - very popular five-star portal of sanitary ware . Our turnover has grown 50 times as well as the budget of PITECH, but it's not a pity as we continue to keep the same principle in our teamwork: the successful turnover sponsorships the budget! And all this without tedious study of the analytical reports, the proportions of the money spent and useless talks such as: “I ordered it, but I will not pay for it”. In conclusion I want to tell that Pitech is an incredibly powerful tool in modern IT. They never stop, offering new concepts, non-standard solutions and masterly fulfil their obligations!


Павел Передерий

Два года назад мы познакомились с компанией «Pitech» и начали создавать новый сайт для нашей школы. Первый же предложенный вариант дизайна нам очень понравился, мы его утвердили, и вот уже совсем скоро наш обновленный сайт представил своим посетителям нашу школу во всей ее красе! Сейчас мы ведем совместную работу по продвижению нашей школы на таком конкурентном рынке, как обучение танцам, и параллельно работаем еще над несколькими проектами вместе с компанией «Pitech». Мне нравится, что они берут на себя все задачи по работе в сети, и мне не приходится обращаться к другим компаниям для выполнения каких-то дополнительных задач. Это оптимизация моего времени и работы всей компании «Беланова» в целом. Надеемся на продолжительные взаимовыгодные отношения и дальше!