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We are highly efficient in what we do, optimising the working process. As we improve the results and decrease all the costs, we achieve the best solution of the requested tasks. As the result our clients receive the most efficient set of the services.

We offer
  • Making, development and support of the modern, speed optimized and reliable web sites.
  • Development and Implementation of the presence of certain merchandise or the brand on the internet.
  • Analytics and correction of the web advertising

“Web Site is highly effective, universal tool for sales which works 24/7”

years at the IT market
created works
billion rubles earned
with our clients
% white methods
Work Principles

Our services

We take advantage of our extensive experience in the development of the Internet projects and use the following approaches to optimise working process:


Every customer is unique for us. We select the strategy based on suitable products and instruments as our customer have diverse audience, needs and aims. You may select the most convenient way of collaboration among such aspects as price, services, efficiency.


Our advantage is the effective attraction of your target customers. We can optimally distribute the advertising means. Thus our prices for the offered services will seem attractive.


Certain services we offer are priced upon successful result. So you pay off the “success fee” based on results of the completed work.


Most of our customers belong to the small business. However we also collaborate with big Russian companies. There are world famous names among our customers. We do our best to provide comfortable and efficient work and that does not depend on the status and the size of the company. You can find the references from our happy customers in the review section of our web site.


We get to know our customers, learn their environment, what they live, what they are interested in, what they are striving for. Such approach is highly important in order to understand what exactly is already done on the way to success and what tasks are to solve. Our each service is being emerged and defined based on customer situation, basis and also set of solutions to achieve the goal.


We accept only the mutually beneficial collaboration. The depth of relationships, its confidence and comprehension is highly important for us. However the most valuable aspect of the partnership is the trust. And we are ready to be trustful which is, perhaps, the most precious in any partnership.

«I tried

and it turned out»

Dmitry Arkov who is the founder and CEO of Pitech tells about creation and successful growth of the business.


In 2002 it started with a small group of young programmers and web designers who were mainly the students of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technics. The first order came from the climatic engineering company Statuslife who requested the e-shop web site. In a short while website was made, hosted and first profit was shared among the team.

In August 2005 the existing business was formalised and registered as the Limited Liability Company named “Pitech”. The way to success though passed through the difficult times and in 2005 it happened that 5 companies left the client segment simultaneously mainly due to the financial situation.

In 2017 Pitech introduced its services to 12 new customers. Most of them will remain with us for long years as we are becoming the part of their business, achievements and market success and continuing qualitatively fulfil all the requirements in the Internet segment.

We have big plans for the future. In our common future any employee in the team will have the opportunity for growth and the compony will provide them with all the required conditions.

We will grow all and together, the same as the flow of tides rises all the boats.

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